This Batman had a “run-in” with Metro Vancouver law enforcement today


“Batmobile lost a wheel and the joker got away.”

Well, actually, the Batmobile didn’t lose any wheels in this particular instance, and we aren’t sure if the joker was involved in any Lower Mainland hi-jinx, either.

batman pulled over
@RichmondRCMP / Twitter

With that being said, a Batmobile was spotted and photographed in the Metro Vancouver area. And, of course, Batman was driving the sleek, black vehicle, equipped with a yellow-and-black bat logo on the convertible’s hood (in case there was any confusion).

Richmond RCMP shared an image of their eyebrow-raising encounter with the Gotham city hero on their Twitter account Thursday, June 6. While they don’t go in to detail about exactly what took place, they ask, “Don’t know who this “Alfred fellow is, But why is he responsible for your license and registration being misplaced?”

Alfred is the butler of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the popular comic series. He also raised the larger-than-life superhero after his parents were murdered. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like RCMP appreciate people blaming their responsibilities on others – no matter how cool they look.