Dashcam catches insane near-miss collision on B.C. highway (VIDEO)

Kamloops Matters


A driver witnessed a near-accident at the corner of Highway 97 and Highway 99 near Cache Creek on Tuesday, June 4 — and they have the video evidence to prove it.

Rodney T uploaded dashcam footage to YouTube yesterday that shows a nail-bitingly close encounter between a logging truck and a white Toyota Corolla.

While waiting to turn onto Highway 99 toward Lillooet, Rodney and his passengers get annoyed that an SUV ahead of them is taking too long. Apparently, the Corolla was also impatient, plodding through the turn and coming within inches of getting sideswiped by the oncoming transport.

Luckily, the truck driver brakes and manages to avoid the car and what would’ve been a big collision.

Warning: The below video contains profanity.

After that stressful watch, you may want to heed the words of one of the passengers, “Get a drink of water Rodney.”