Realtor seeks ‘Vancouver’s Next Top Agent’ via YouTube reality show (VIDEO)

Glacier Media Real Estate


Vancouver real estate agent and YouTuber Mark Wiens has found an unusual approach to recruiting a team member – via a web-based reality show.


The extrovert realtor, known for his over-the-top YouTube listing videos, has launched YouTube reality show Vancouver’s Next Top Agent.

The show based on such concepts as America’s Next Top Model or The Apprentice, and follows the fortunes of nine up-and-coming local agents as they compete in challenges to impress Wiens.

The nine contestants were picked from the many auditionees who responded to a casting call that was shared with the real estate community – on YouTube, of course.

These contestants are whittled down through five short episodes, and the winner will land a full-time job on Mark Wiens’ team at Dracco Pacific Realty.

‘Episode 1: The Search Commences’ (12 minutes) went live Wednesday June 5, and can be viewed below. Episode 2 airs Thursday June 6 at 8pm. The final episode is slated for June 20.