Can black waffles change your life? This Metro Vancouver eatery comes close

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The black waffle at La Foret in South Burnaby. Photo: Chris Campbell

I’ve had to eat a lot of dreadful garbage in my search for a waffle that will make me go meow.

It’s been a struggle. A lot of places have told me their waffles are “light and fluffy” only to have me find out the hard way they are actually “heavy and leaden” and nearly unedible.

Some places, I swear the waffles came out of a box they were so hard to bite through. Or they mixed up some store-bought batter that is devoid of those subtle ingredients that make a waffle sing.

I had nearly given up in my search.

Then I discovered La Foret.

Located in South Burnaby at 6848 Jubilee Ave., this eatery knocked my socks off with its black waffle.

The black waffle has squid ink in it, which adds just a touch of bitterness to offset the sweetness of the powdered sugar and pancake syrup.

It’s also cooked to perfection and brought out right away. A key to eating a waffle is getting it while it’s hot. Let a waffle sit for even a minute too long and it just won’t be as good.

La Foret has a nice array of waffles, from mango to oreo to green tea.

It really made me sigh in delight, so I’ll definitely be going back.

On a final note, I’ve had a couple of comments wondering if my new “Bite. Me.” blog is paid content – it is not. The restaurants have no idea I’m there. I simply like writing about food and sharing bites that I love.

I also have no idea if you’ll like them either. I have my own palate and can’t tell if you’ll like these bites either. So don’t @ me if you try something and don’t like it.

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