Here’s how social clubs can help you combat social isolation in Metro Vancouver



Is the “no fun” city really that unfriendly?

Photo: Unsplash / Kyle Ryan

Stunning mountain views, sleek glass towers and social isolation. Unfortunately, this is the reputation of our city. Despite how awesome Vancouver really is, it seems like social isolation is the new norm.

In fact, a 2017 study by the Vancouver Foundation found that 30% of youth between the ages of 18 to 24 in Vancouver reported feeling lonely ‘always’ or ‘often’. Similar statistics have been given for older demographics. The report sparked enormous activity and conversation throughout the city, but it’s difficult to judge if things have really gotten better since.

Fortunately, social groups like Events & Adventures offer Vancouverites a safe and easy way to break out of patterns of social isolation. In a city where personal connections and community engagement are hard to come by, groups like Events & Adventures offer individuals the opportunity to sign up for different events throughout the month, including everything from group hikes to volunteer nights at local charities and social enterprises.

Photo: Unsplash / Kelsey Chance

These events aim to encourage individuals to break out of their comfort zone, while fostering an environment in which people actually feel safe to do so. Afterall, “putting yourself out there” is much easier said than done.

Ultimately, social groups aim to remove the barriers (and nerves) that come along with meeting new people. With outdoor activities, cooking classes, travel, painting workshops and more adventurous outings like skydiving, Events & Adventures ensures that you’ll be walking into a room full of like minded people – exactly what sets it apart from dating-focused events such as speed dating.

More importantly, by joining strong social groups, you’ll be introduced to a ton of locals that are also looking to engage, connect and build meaningful connections or relationships, just like you.

It’s difficult to imagine how one can overcome loneliness, especially in a city with a reputation like our own. While studies are helpful in shedding light on the issue, it will ultimately come down to us citizens to make a change. It’s also important to note; if you’re not ready to start meeting new people, that’s okay! You can start by making small but meaningful steps like saying “hello” to people on the street or even striking up conversations with your neighbours. Sometimes small gestures can make a huge difference.

If you are ready to put yourself out there, social groups like Events & Adventures are a great way to kickstart your journey and start meeting people looking for the same things as you.

Events & Adventures currently hosts dozens of monthly events in and around Metro Vancouver. You can learn more about them by visiting