RCMP release the top 10 vehicle collision locations in this Metro Vancouver city


RCMP have released the top ten vehicle collision locations in Surrey to highlight the serious impact that collisions have on the community.

Last year, 19 people were killed in motor vehicle incidents in Surrey and 20 more people were seriously injured. What’s more, 290 pedestrians were struck by a vehicle in 2019.

high-risk intersections / vehicle collision locations
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The RCMP state that there has been a collision related death or serious injury every week this May. As such, they hope that releasing these alarming figures will urge roadway users to follow B.C.’s traffic laws and always be aware of their surroundings.

Specifically, RCMP note that high-risk driving leads to the majority of fatal and serious collisions. High-risk behaviours include: distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving. In addition, the majority of collisions occur at intersections.  

Top Ten Vehicle Collision Locations

  1. 128TH ST / 96TH AVE – 24
  3. 104TH AVE / KING GEORGE BLVD – 18
  4. 4. 64TH AVE / KING GEORGE BLVD – 17
  5. ST / FRASER HWY – 16
  6. 128TH ST / 72ND AVE – 16
  9. 128TH ST / 80TH AVE – 14
  10. 88TH AVE / KING GEORGE BLVD – 13

“Police enforcement alone can not make Surrey’s roadways safer,” said Sergeant Ian MacLellan, Surrey RCMP Traffic Services. 

“We urge our roadway users to follow the rules of the road, and to understand that by doing so, they will prevent motor vehicle collision deaths and serious injuries in Surrey.” 

The Surrey RCMP advise residents learn more about road safety, as well as other forms of safety, in their online Protect Yourself portal. They highlight that over 40 per cent of fatal collisions in Surrey involve pedestrians. Furthermore, RCMP caution that, “Pedestrians are at greatest risk for harm during inclement weather and in the fall and winter as daylight hours decrease.”

According to ICBC’s statistics, most crashes that involve pedestrians happen on Fridays between 3-6 PM, regardless of the time of year.


  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Do not assume a driver has seen you.
  • Dress to be seen in bright or reflective clothing especially at night and on dark/overcast days.
  • Use a crosswalk, a majority of the fatal pedestrian collisions involve jaywalking.
  • Walk on the inside edge of the sidewalk so you are further away from traffic.
  • If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles.
  • Make sure you can hear and see oncoming cars. Remove your headphones and your hood when crossing the street.
  • Always look for signs that a vehicle is about to move (rear lights, exhaust smoke, sound of motor, wheels turning).
  • Teach your child to be a safe pedestrian with the poster Look, listen & be seen from ICBC


  • Vehicles should have their lights on to increase visibility, regardless of the time of day.
  • When approaching an intersection always scan right and left for pedestrians before continuing through.
  • When operating a vehicle, be cautious of pedestrians who may be distracted or unaware of their surroundings (texting, on the phone, headphones in, umbrella or hood blocking their vision).
  • Obey the speed limit and drive for the conditions.