This adorable black-and-tan pooch needed life-changing spinal surgery


The BC SPCA is asking the public for help for a tiny dog that was admitted with an abscessed tooth but required life-changing spinal surgery.

The adorable black-and-tan pooch, named Bane, was admitted to the Maple Ridge Branch with a suspected abscessed tooth. However, x-rays showed that this wasn’t the case. Staff observed that he couldn’t walk properly and was in extreme pain, so he was taken for an MRI.

The MRI showed that Bane had, “small intervertebral disc disease in his c2 to c3 spinal cord causing spinal compression in the neck area.” This incredibly painful condition is also known as Wobbler Syndrome, which required surgery.

Luckily, the neurologist who examined Bane said his prognosis post-surgery is excellent. This little dog is seven-years-old and has plenty of pain-free years ahead of him.

spca dog

BC SCPA“When Bane is having one of his extreme pain episodes he still wags his tail and looks for comfort and affection,” says SPCA Maple Ridge branch manager Krista Shaw.

“He likes hopping up into the laps of staff so he can get a hug and give a kiss.”

Bane will require several months to recover from this invasive procedure as well as intense physiotherapy. In fact, the total cost of his care is expected to reach $9,440.

“He is the most loving and trusting little guy. Bane loves people, other animals and children,” says Shaw.

If you can help Bane and other animals in need at the Maple Ridge SPCA, please visit or visit the branch at 10235 Jackson Road, Maple Ridge, 604.463.9511.