Burnaby fuel cell research business gets provincial grant


A Burnaby fuel cell business will be getting a six-figure research grant from the B.C. government as part of its clean energy initiative.

AVL Fuel Cell Canada, based in Burnaby, will be getting $147,000 to help develop B.C.’s clean energy vehicle (CEV) sector, which the government touts as adding to job growth in the clean energy industry.

The B.C. government has given a $147,000 research grant to Burnaby-based fuel cell business AVL Fuel Cell Canada.

The CEV sector includes everything from fuel cells to plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. In B.C., that industry includes 198 companies employing 3,850 full-time equivalent jobs, generating $373 million in direct contribution to the provincial gross domestic product.

“Not only does zero-emission vehicle research lead to cleaner air and quieter streets, it also brings long-term advanced technology jobs to Burnaby,” said Katrina Chen, MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed. “We’re very proud of the work AVL Fuel Cell Canada is doing.”

AVL Fuel Cell Canada, which will develop an advanced fuel cell model for research, is one of five B.C. companies getting a combined $1.2 million through B.C.’s advance research and commercialization program in the CEV sector.

Jose Rubio, managing director of AVL Fuel Cell Canada, said durability, cost and performance of fuel cells impact one another – improve one, and you’ll make an impact on the other two.

“That’s why it is so important to develop a comprehensive fuel cell model capable of simultaneously providing accurate measures of performance, degradation and cost. The financial support … will help realize our ambitious fuel cell project,” Rubio said.