10 things you’ll remember about living in Vancouver during the 1990s



Photo: Vancouver Grizzlies Facebook

Have you noticed that the 90s have come back in a big way?

Kids are wearing Nirvana t-shirts, tear-away track pants are cool and Vancouverites even seem to care about basketball! To recount all the glory of decades past, we’ve concocted a nostalgic list of everything you’ll remember about Vancouver if you lived here in the 90s. Oh the memories!

Staying up late to hear this song on Z95.3’s Top 10 at 10

I have a blue house with a blue window!

Wearing your Shareef Abdur-Rahim and/or Big Country jersey

Whether you were an elementary school kid obsessed with Super Grizz or an all-round NBA fan with an exceptionally high capacity for optimism, wearing an official Grizzlies team jersey was the ultimate streetwear flex for Vancouverites in the 1990s. With all the iconic brands of the 90s coming back in style, there’s still nothing as legit as those teal tops and bottoms.

How the Vancouver Public Library opening was a BIG deal

Photo: Vancouver Public Library

The result of a design competition won by Moshe Safdie, an Israeli-Canadian architect who came to international recognition with the Montreal Expo 67 Habitat pavilion.

Watching the Stanley Cup Riot on TV

Because you better not have been participating in it!

Buying all your CDs (and cassettes) at A&B Sound

An institution for decades, A&B Sound had a huge presence in B.C. in the 90s. If you listened to music you no doubt bought cheap CDs from them, and there’s no way you could avoid the hype around their legendary Boxing Day sales. Bonus points if you also made trips to HMV or the old Virgin Megastore on Robson.

Desperately wanting to attend Lollapalooza at Thunderbird Stadium

In 1992,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains descended upon UBC for an epic concert in the rain. If you were a grunge kid, you were in heaven.

Thinking about buying a $99,000 condo in Yaletown

But they were so expensive.

Spotting local landmarks in the X-Files

You probably recognized more than a few shooting locations throughout Mulder and Scully’s career. Maybe in 20 years someone will make a “things you’ll remember from the 2010s” list and include Always Be My Maybe!

Drinking $2 pints of beer at The Cambie

Best when followed by a $1 slice of pizza on Granville St.

Seeing something exciting at GM Place

Whether you went to see the Canucks win or the Grizzlies lose, for many of us, Rogers Arena is and will forever be GM Place or “The Garage”.

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