5 crucial marketing trends brands and entrepreneurs NEED to know about in Vancouver



KNOWSHOW is an engaging B2B marketplace where leading lifestyle fashion brands unveil their seasonal products to Canadian retailers.

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Running your own business certainly takes a little know-how…

Fortunately, the KNOWHOW Conference brings together brands and retailers to engage with industry leaders and subject matter experts to learn about emerging trends and more importantly, the practical skills needed to navigate today’s competitive retail landscape.

As producers of KNOWSHOW, Canada’s premiere lifestyle retail show, the KNOWHOW Conference is a tactical marketing conference that will deliver fresh ideas and market-tested strategies designed to help your business survive and thrive in a constantly changing consumer marketplace, no matter your role or size of your organization.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve asked the minds behind leading lifestyle brands to discuss the trends you need to know about when it comes to making your business or marketing plan in 2019. For more great advice, you be sure to see them speak at KNOWHOW on July 8, 2019.

Steve Thorp, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Postmark Brewing

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“Education is key. More than ever, customers want to be educated on products. This is also a very valuable tool to keep the purchase in your location and not lose it to online or a competitor. Tell your story. I’m finding the millennial generation is wanting to connect deeper with brands, including retailers. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.” Hear more from Steve at the Brand Marketers Guide to Success panel at KNOWHOW.

Marie-Philippe Jean, Storyteller and Content Strategist, JanSport

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“Brands need to think about their social contribution and give it space in their business plan. This means more sustainability programs, more environmental initiatives, and more community-driven events to allow customers to connect with one another. Brands are powerful and you know what they say… With great power comes great responsibility! It’s “trendy” to be socially engaged and environmentally responsible, but it’s also fundamental.” Hear more from Marie- Philippe on the Brand Marketers Guide to Success panel on July 8th.

Perry Pugh, Founder, KNOWSHOW

“For me, it has to be a focus on Customer Service. In person, via email, online, social media. Everywhere they can touch you, you have to have a consistent tone, set as high as an expectation as possible and deliver on it. Not every independent retailer can work on the same scale as a multinational brand, so you have to pick your battles. And wherever you are present, you have to do it with intention”.

David Ian Gray, Founder and Strategist, DIG360 Consulting

“In our research we often find there are countless hurdles for people to discover a brand and learn enough to buy once and then return. A client of ours wisely views a first-timer as only a “buyer” until they return in a reasonable time – then they become a “customer”. Roleplay how someone would find your brand online if they didn’t know your brand’s name. Invest in smart, relevant customer research and think about the talent and skills needed not only this year, but in the next few. With that, develop a “people plan” that includes contractors, consultants, and flexible workers.” See David’s opening keynote: The Changing Retail Landscape at KNOWHOW on July 8, 2019.

Bob Kronbauer, Founder and Editor in Chief, Vancouver Is Awesome

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“Whatever the nature of your business is, it’s important to show your audience that you see them, hear them and value them for more than just being customers. Take the time to respond to emails, direct messages and even social media comments if you have the capacity to do so. It’s important to gauge the reaction of your audience and consider those reactions as you grow. It’s not about people-pleasing, it’s about self-awareness and making an effort to grow with your audience, rather than imposing your vision onto them.” Bob will be moderating the “Brand Marketers Guide to Success” panel.

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