Watch people react to this enchanted glowing salmon at Granville Island Public Market (VIDEO)



No, it wasn’t a glow-fish…

Photo: Vallea Lumina

Earlier this month, patrons of Granville Island’s iconic public market encountered a new ingredient they’ve probably never seen before. What looked like a typical fresh salmon set on ice, was actually a special variety of the local fish; one that lights up and glows a beautiful shade of pink from within.

No this isn’t some new millennial food trend, it’s actually a small representation of the type of whimsical wonder you can expect at this year’s Vallea Lumina, a multimedia night walk set in Whistler, B.C.

Situated roughly ten minutes away from Whistler Village, the immersive night walk takes visitors through the lush forest as it comes alive with vibrant lights, videos, sounds, and stunningly crafted scenography. The fairytale brought to life encourages guests to interact with their surroundings, which follow the fictionalized story of a father-daughter duo in search of an enchanted hidden valley.

The 1-2 hour long evening excursion follows cryptic radio transmissions and the lingering traces of the two characters, ultimately leading toward a place filled with beauty, and proof that the legends of Whistler are indeed true.

Photo: Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is produced by multiple award-winning Moment Factory, a Montreal-based entertainment studio renowned for crafting immersive environments for clients such as Arcade Fire and the NFL. This year’s Vallea Lumina features new sights and sounds as well as increased complimentary shuttle service, which transports guests to-and-from Whistler Village. Vallea Lumina tickets cost $39.99 for adults, and $34.99 for youth between six and 15 years old; children five get in for free.

Just like the glowing salmon, reactions to Vallea Lumina range from curious wonder to total bewilderment. It’s a beautiful adventure punctuated by enchanting scenery and a few surprises along the way.

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