You could find $80,000 hidden in Vancouver this August in a real-life treasure hunt


Gold Rush Canada
Photo: 3D Illustration Canadian money / Shutterstock

Gold Rush Canada, a Canada-wide interactive experience combining murder mystery and treasure hunt, comes to Vancouver this August.

$500,000 in cash treasure is waiting to be found spread between Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver, with a minimum of $80,000 in each city.

Participants in the mystery will play the role of detectives after they view a short video entitled, “Who shot the boss?” here. The video serves as an introduction towards solving the mystery and obtaining the prized treasure.

Throughout the experience, participants will have their speed and skill challenged as they use their treasure hunt map to decode riddles, puzzles and clues leading to the location of the hidden cash treasure. They are invited to form a team or solve the case on their own.

The hunt begins July 27 in Ottawa and then stops in Edmonton on Aug. 10. Following this, the hunt takes place in Calgary and Montreal on Aug.17, and end in Toronto and Vancouver on Aug. 24. A surprise Canadian city will also be added to the events in the following weeks, too.

The treasure/clues are buried only a few inches underground and therefore don’t require a shovel to be uncovered.

“GOLD RUSH CANADA is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family,” mentions Trevor Watson, Artistic Director of ArsenalFX.

Tickets are $33.78 CAD including tax and come with one treasure map for the respective city. You can also purchase bonus clues for $20 that will help you decode the map faster. Pre-purchased maps will be released on the day of the event at 9 a.m. local time in each city.

You must be the age of consent in the province you reside to make a purchase. All ages can participate when supervised by an adult.

Gold Rush Canada

When: Saturday, Aug. 24
Where: Vancouver
Cost: $33.78 including tax

Purchase tickets and find out more information here.