Angry passenger allegedly keyed cars on BC Ferries vessel

Times Colonist


A man is under investigation for allegedly vandalizing cars on a BC Ferries vessel this month because their car alarms were upsetting his dog.

Delta police say they were called to Tsawwassen ferry terminal on July 9 after a member of the public reported that another passenger had threatened to “key” vehicles whose alarms were going off on a ferry.

Lower car deck on ferry Coastal Celebration. Photo by Times Colonist

“The individual in question claimed that the alarms were disturbing his dog,” said Cris Leykauf, public relations manager with Delta police.

Officers responded to the call and found two vehicles that appeared to have “fresh key-like paint damage,” Leykauf said.

A suspect was located aboard the ferry and arrested on suspicion of mischief.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” Leykauf said.