Vancouver ranks on list of top ‘women-friendly’ travel destinations in the world


Vancouver has been ranked among the top ‘women-friendly’ travel destinations in the world for 2019 by CEOWORLD magazine.

The ranking was determined by using data compiled from a survey of 85,000 solo female travellers and 9,000 travel agents in 82 countries from around the world.

'women-friendly' travel destinations
Photo: Female tourist in Vancouver takes photos / Shutterstock

Conducted over three months, from Jan. 20 – Apr. 19, 2019, the survey considers how safe a destination is for a prospective female traveller as well as how much fun it will be. Malaga, Spain ranked first among the ‘female-friendly’ cities, with the survey noting, “With great foodie, art and heritage vibes, Malaga is a dream destination for the solo woman traveler.”

Prague in the Czech Republic placed second, with the survey authors highlighting how budget prices, as well as a variety of heritage activities, make it a highly sought after destination for solo women travellers. Tokyo, Japan followed in third, noted for its, “extreme friendly crowd for female travellers in particular.” In addition, the survey reports that high-end products, as well as amazing shopping districts, are a huge draw for women who love to shop.

In Canada, Montreal came in 12th, with Vancouver taking the 22nd spot.

‘Women-Friendly’ Travel Destinations

  1. Malaga, Spain
  2. Prague, Czech Republic
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Chengdu, China
  5. New Delhi, India
  6. Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Reykjavik, Iceland
  8. Rome, Italy
  9. Melbourne, Australia
  10. New York City, United States
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. Montreal, Canada
  13. Bali, Indonesia
  14. The British Virgin Islands
  15. Copenhagen, Denmark
  16. Singapore
  17. Havana, Cuba
  18. Rajasthan, India
  19. Costa Rica
  20. Hong Kong
  21. Athens, Greece
  22. Vancouver, Canada
  23. Malta
  24. Kyoto, Japan
  25. Palawan, Philippines
  26. Toronto, Canada
  27. Hawaii, United States
  28. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  29. Istanbul, Turkey
  30. Valencia, Spain