Why this Vancouver man spent 24 hours in a public art sculpture (VIDEO)


To get the creative juices flowing a Vancouver filmmaker did something a little out of the ordinary.

Timothy McLeod – A.K.A Skinny Tim to friends – spent 24 hours inside a public art sculpture known as the High Up Hut, from June 19 to 20, and documented his experience along the way.

Skinny Tim jumps from the High Up Hut: Photo: Meldon Lobo

The artwork, that sort of resembles a cubby house, stands 7ft tall in False Creek near the Cambie Street Bridge. To get there, McLeod rowed a blow up boat across the water and then braved climbing the wooden structure to get inside.

The public artwork is one of three huts created by Benny Zenga, a Vancouver artist and filmmaker, to “inspire wonder and curiosity,” according to Two Rivers Gallery. It’s also said to symbolize “the importance of solitude and taking time away from digital screens.”

For McLeod, staying in the hut, that’s about 5ft wide and 7.5ft long, was part of a “creative journey.” The 34-year-old has worked on video projects over the years but branched out on his own about a year ago.

“I’m trying to become a better storyteller and videographer,” he told Vancouver Is Awesome.

“This kind of a challenge just seemed like it would help sharpen my skill set. I thought the physical challenge would just be fun. But trying to capture the moments to be able to piece together a story on the other end, for me, was the bigger challenge.”

He said he spent a lot of time thinking about what shots to film and having fun capturing what was going on around him in different ways.

The 12 minute long video, released last week, highlights what he sees over the 24 hours in the hut and how he passes the time.

While it was a creative learning experience for McLeod, it was also a chance to take time out for personal reflection.

“One of the gems of the experience was how removed I was from people,” he said.

“A thousand people could go past me on the bike lane and maybe one single person would holler up at me or even notice that I was there.

“For a large part of the day if I was sitting down and just watching the city and the water it felt like I was totally disconnected, in a good way.

“I was in retreat, while in the middle of the city.”

Timothy McLeod – A.K.A Skinny Tim to friends – spent 24 hours inside a public art sculpture known as the High Up Hut from June 19 to June 20. Photo: Tim McLeod

He hoped the video would inspire others to have a little fun exploring their creative abilities.

“Creativity comes in all different shapes and sizes. If we were all to do creative things a little more often it would connect and inspire people more and more,” McLeod said.

“I recommend everybody that’s setting out on a creative path to lock themselves up for 24 hours somewhere strange and then use it as a homework assignment. Ask yourself, ‘how can I share the experience?’

“If there’s something you’d like to do – just go for it. Have a good time. ”

You can follow Skinny Tim on his YouTube channel to stay up to date on his latest video adventures.