You can fly round-trip Vancouver to Vietnam for only $552 CAD (Tax incl)


Photo: Halong Bay / Shutterstock

Looking to check a major destination off your bucket list, but don’t want to spend the big bucks to do so?

Air China has flights available for travel this fall that offer round-trip service between Vancouver and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for under $600. However, these flights must be booked through Skyscanner. Otherwise, the same flights cost roughly $100 more and up.

For example, this flight departs Vancouver on Thursday, Oct.17 and returns on Wednesday, Oct.23. The total, including all taxes and fees, comes to $552.73 CAD including tax.

Photo: Skyscanner

Explore Vietnam

Aside from its astounding natural beauty, Vietnam offers an intriguing culture, fascinating history, delectable cuisine, and much more. While it has numerous places that are perfect for quiet contemplation, the cities buzz with energy. There are numerous places to shop, and travellers can get tailor-made suits and dresses for very little. Further, a mouth-watering meal bowl of pho can cost as $2 CAD.

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