Metro Vancouver cannabis grower has deal in works with major Canadian food retailer


A large-scale Delta greenhouse operation that’s making the switch to cannabis could be supplying product for a major Canadian food retailer.

Shopping at a food retailer/Shutterstock

AgraFlora Organics International Inc. has a partnership with the Houweling Nurseries complex on 64th Street, calling the flagship 2.2-million-square-foot facility the Delta Greenhouse Complex.

AgraFlora this week announced it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent and has commenced discussions with one of Canada’s largest food retailers, although they’re not naming that retailer yet.

“The Canadian food retailer boasts brick and mortar stores from coast to coast, which operate under a variety of renowned retail banners,” according to a news release.

AgraFlora is to supply the retailer with a portfolio of CBD-infused consumer packed goods.

The news release goes on to state, “This Canadian Food Retailer is the ideal potential partner for AgraFlora throughout our pursuit to achieve significant shelf space for our innovative suite of cannabinoid-infused cosmetics, edibles and beverages. This proposed partnership with one of Canada’s most respectable and influential food retailers will function as a beachhead towards the capture of material market share.”

AgraFlora notes it controls an 80 per cent interest in Edibles and Infusions, a joint venture with one of North America’s largest manufacturers and distributors of chocolate and sugar confectionary products. The plan is to produce an assortment of both cannabinoid/terpene-infused products for medicinal, functional and adult use, including gourmet snacks such as caramel popcorn, cheese biscuits, glazed pecans and salty pretzels, as well as chocolates, toffees, caramels, baked goods and more.

The retrofit of the Houweling greenhouse is taking place over several phases. The 49-acre facility will become the second largest cannabis greenhouse facility in Canada.