Be on the lookout for these five outdoor pianos brightening up Richmond public spaces


The sound of piano keys and musical tunes returns to Richmond for the sixth annual Pianos on the Street program with a creative twist.

The Pianos on the Street program brings artfully designed pianos to unexpected outdoor public places including the Richmond Nature Park. Photo submitted

Five outdoor pianos are located throughout Richmond for anyone to play and enjoy until the end of September.

They can be found in various locations such as the Richmond Nature Park, Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, Terra Nova Community Gardens, the Richmond Cultural Centre Plaza and King George Park.

Multiple pianos have been “creatively reimagined” by artists in Richmond.

Pianos at Britannia Shipyards and Richmond Nature Park were reimagined with professional artist Catherine Adams’ “Jackson Polack meets Van Gogh” painting style, while young artists recreated childhood story Peter Rabbit on the piano in the Community Gardens at Terra Nova Rural Park.

The Pianos on the Street program is sponsored by the City of Richmond Public Art Program and Pacey’s Pianos to bring groups and artists together.