Watch this curious B.C. bear open a car door have a look inside (VIDEO)


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it doesn’t ruffle the bear’s fur.

A video has surfaced of a black bear opening a car door with its mouth and then stepping inside the vehicle to have a look around.

bear opens car door
Photo: Arthur Murray Dance Studio Coquitlam / Facebook

Posted to Facebook on Saturday, Aug. 10, the surveillance video shows the curious bruin slowly walking around the perimeter of a front yard in Anmore, B.C. Following this, the animal moves toward a red car and puts its mouth on the door handle. The bear opens the door in a fairly smooth motion as it stands on its hind legs and walks backwards, bracing itself with its front legs on the car door.

Afterwards, the bear steps inside of the vehicle for a few moments to investigate, and then backs out and strolls away.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio Coquitlam posted the video to their Facebook page commenting that, “Our student Terri was house-sitting in Anmore this past week and this was some startling surveillance video from in front of the house.”

“You have to watch this, we had no idea bears could do this and apparently also did the same thing on the other side of the car…”

The video was posted to Facebook on Aug. 10 and has over 5,400 views. A few commenters noted that bears are known to open doors, including house doors. As such, people should keep all of their doors locked and remember not to leave food inside of vehicles.