Canada ranks in top 10 most diet-obsessed countries in the world


Diet-Obsessed countries
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From new juice bars to fresh food delivery to a new national food guide, Canadians continue to investigate and improve upon their diets.

So, it may not come as a surprise that Canada ranked in the top ten most diet-obsessed countries in the world in a recent study.

Chef’s Pencil, an online cookbook and resource for chefs, analyzed Google trends’ data in order to determine which countries are the most diet-obsessed. It looked at diet-related searches made in local languages to come up with the list. And while the report authors state that Google doesn’t have any numbers on how many people actually commit to a diet, they believe the searches are indicative of strong intent.

Poland was ranked the most diet-obsessed country in the world for the sixth consecutive year. According to Euromonitor International, Poland accounts one-fifth of Eastern Europe’s consumer health sales. Australia came second, with the Keto diet being the most popular. The United States came third, with an estimated 45 million Americans going on diets annually.

Canada ranked ninth, with Keto being the most popular diet. What’s more, the Canadian government’s new, “Canada Food Guide highlights recipes inspired by cuisines around the world.”

Toronto was the lone Canadian city to make the top ten diet-obsessed cities, ranking tenth.

Top ten diet-obsessed countries

1.        Poland (Google Trends Score: 100)
2.        Australia (Google Trends Score: 83)
3.        United States (Google Trends Score: 78)
4.        New Zealand (Google Trends Score: 77)
5.        Moldova (Google Trends Score: 77)
6.        South Africa (Google Trends Score: 76)
7.        Georgia (Google Trends Score: 76)
8.        Lebanon (Google Trends Score: 74)
9.        Canada (Google Trends Score: 70)
10.       United Kingdom (Google Trends Score: 70).

Top ten diet-obsessed cities

1.        Warsaw (Google Trends Score: 100)
2.        Brisbane (Google Trends Score: 80)
3.        Melbourne (Google Trends Score: 74)
4.        Sydney (Google Trends Score: 73)
5.        Houston (Google Trends Score: 68).
6.        New York (Google Trends Score: 67)
7.        Los Angeles (Google Trends Score: 66)
8.        Rome (Google Trends Score: 65)
9.        Chicago (Google Trends Score: 64)
10.      Toronto (Google Trends Score: 64).