Here’s why the sky was bright pink in one Metro Vancouver community (PHOTOS)

Dave Willis - Delta Optimist


Photo by Andrea Drake/Facebook

The South Delta sky was lit up Wednesday night with a vibrant purple/pink hue.

Local Facebook groups Ladner’s Landing and the Tsawwassen Loop had members posting photos of the striking sky with users commenting on the possible source of the lights.

Ladner’s Landing member Andrea Drake posted a photo, asking, “Anyone know of what may be causing this gorgeous colour? So pretty!”

Many cited local greenhouses as the cause, specifically the ones growing cannabis.

Jacqueline Embree/Facebook

“Ultraviolet lighting for the Purple haze delight in our local greenhouses,” said one group member. There were, of course, plenty of other jokey suggestions, including “aliens” and “Stranger Things.”

The funky sky was also being discussed on reddit as well.

With additional reporting from V.I.A.