Woman shouts slew of racial slurs in Metro Vancouver parking lot (VIDEO)


racial slurs
Photo: isha Masek / Facebook

A video has surfaced of a woman shouting profanities and racial slurs at another woman during an altercation in a Richmond parking lot.

The video was posted on Reddit and Facebook on Friday, Aug. 23. In the video, a woman says that another other woman has crossed the parking line. Before the woman says that, however, the other woman, who is Caucasian, says, “We don’t want you here because you can’t drive.”

The Caucasian woman also blows a raspberry at the woman filming, and proceeds to mock her saying, “Crossed the line,” in a high-pitched tone before using profane language.

She also tells the woman to, “Go back to China,” and uses a racial slur.

Warning: This video contains disturbing language that might offend some viewers.

Racist lady in Richmond parking lot from r/vancouver

The video is only 15 seconds long, but it has received 237 comments in four hours on Reddit.

Richmond RCMP told Vancouver Is Awesome that they could not provide comment on the video at this time.