VIDEO: Vancouver mayor speaks about $10K reward for Canuck the Crow’s safe return

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At a media availability at City Hall today, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart talked a lot about his recent meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He touted the $184 million commitment he’s received from the Liberal government for housing, and he answered a lot of questions about how he hopes the City can take over jurisdiction of Oppenheimer Park from the Park Board and properly give a “nudge” to those who remain at the homeless encampment there.

He was also asked about something really important: Canuck the Crow’s whereabouts.

Dude where’s my crow. Photos Canuck and I Facebook / Bob Kronbauer

The somewhat-wild, beloved animal hasn’t been seen for five days, and some humans who are close to him seem to have put together a large pile of cash to help find him.

Earlier today it was announced that “fans” of our local mascot Canuck were offering up a $10,000 reward for the missing bird’s safe return.

Photo Canuck and I Facebook

Shawn Bergman, the man who acts as the bird’s spokesperson and manages the most popular Canuck Facebook Page (yes, there are multiple Pages), is in charge of the cash. He suspects fowl play and that Canuck is possibly being held against his will in someone’s home.

“I’m having a really, really hard time believing that he’s just out there being a crow,” Bergman said in a recent post on Facebook. “He tends to stick to the area [of East Van], so I’m pretty worried about him right now.”

In an interview with Vancouver Is Awesome, he asked that people keep “their eyes and ears open” for any crow noises that could be coming from inside homes.

“If there’s anything that people hear, it could be the tip that brings him home,” he said.

Canuck with spokesperson/friend Shawn Bergman. Photo: Canuck and I Facebook

I feel it’s important that the good people of this city know what their mayor thinks of all of this, so I asked him about Canuck’s disappearance.

What’s his gut on it? Is Canuck dead?

Below is his response.

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