VIDEO: A major Metro Vancouver bridge is getting a ‘Road Zipper’


The Road Zipper in training. Screenshot via @TranBC/Twitter

Part of a the $70 million major upgrade project to improve traffic flow on the 33-year-old crossing over the Fraser River, an extra seventh counter flow lane will be made possible on the Alex Fraser Bridge through a moveable, zipper-like barrier system for the peak hour traffic.

A system similar zipper barrier system is on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The province recently announced that an additional lane is now open on the bridge.

Four lanes are available for southbound traffic, with three lanes remaining for northbound.

Meanwhile, work continues on the intelligent transportation signs needed for the counter-flow operation, and the ministry expects the zipper truck-barrier transfer system to be in place later this fall.

More than 119,000 vehicles use the Alex Fraser Bridge daily on average, with road users experiencing lines more than three kilometres long during rush hour.

The George Massey Tunnel and Lions Gate Bridge also use counter flow lanes but those are controlled by movable gates.

BC Transportation shared this video showing the Zipper truck and driver in training: