Here’s a photo of Justin Trudeau in brownface he was hoping you wouldn’t see


Justin Trudeau in “brownface”. Photo

In case you weren’t yet paying attention to the upcoming federal election taking place on October 21st, Time Magazine just dropped an absolute bomb that has somehow flown under the radar until today.

It’s a photograph of your Prime Minster Justin Trudeau wearing what Time calls “brownface”. He had darkened his face and hands using makeup and he’s wearing a costume in an ‘Arabian Nights’ theme.

It was shot in 2001 at West Point Grey Academy, right here in Vancouver.

How on earth has it taken so long for this photo to surface, given it was in an annual yearbook that is likely in the hands of hundreds of people? That’s beyond this simple-minded columnist’s comprehension.

I do know one thing though: this is gonna hurt.

You can read Time’s piece with more background on the photo HERE.


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