People are traveling from all over the world to experience these jaw-dropping spas and beauty services in Korea (PHOTOS)



Photo: Korea Tourism Board

In addition to food, glamour and K-Pop, Korea has become an industry leader in the beauty industry, boasting some of the most incredible spas and treatment centres in the world. With thousands of amazing Korean beauty products filling medicine cabinets across Vancouver, the fascination with Korea’s unique take on self-care has clearly taken hold close to home.  But still, nothing comes close to experiencing the real thing…

That’s why some people are making the trip.

Now recognized as a mecca for innovative beauty products and spa services, Korea has become the world’s go-to destination for luxurious, rejuvenating and sometimes over-the-top getaways. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to highlight the most spectacular beauty and spa destinations in Korea.

Trust us, these are definitely worth the trip. 

Resom Forest Healing Spa

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

Resom Forest is located in the midst of the picturesque Juron Mountain, over 900m above sea level. The forest is said to be an area with great geomantic energy, adding to the area’s healing qualities. The facility at Resom Forest Healing Spa is famous for its collection of high-end spas, but also their unique healing program that includes a trekking partner or “healing mate” who will take you on a guided forest walks and outdoor meditation sessions situated deep within the surrounding forest.

The spa’s programs are based on the medicine created by Che-ma Yi from the late Joseon Dynasty, who is recognized for defining four distinct physiological types, Taeyangin, Taeumin, Soyangin and Soeumin. Spa services are divided into these same four categories, allowing visitors’ treatments to be determined according to their individual needs. Not sure of your physiological category? No problem, an expert will help to determine your type and matching program.

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store and Spa

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

Sulwhasoo Spa is the largest spa facility operated by a beauty retailer in Korea. On the basement floor, visitors can find the Sulwhasoo Spa, a private and remote space offering a luxurious anti-aging medicine program. The Sulwhasoo Balance Spa on the fourth floor overlooks beautiful Dosan Park and allows for a more casual spa experience. Treatments on each floor utilize the brand’s use of raw ingredients such as jade, pumpkin, white porcelain and Jaum Balancing Complex balls.

Aquafield Goyang

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

Guided by the theme of “healing and feeling,” Aquafield Goyang was opened in 2017 along with the launch of Starfield Goyang. Consisting of luxurious spas and a rooftop pool, this relaxing oasis is located less than an hour from Seoul, making it an easy getaway for locals and tourists alike. Jjimjil is a Korean word for soothing stiff joints, relaxing muscles, and boosting circulation with heat and Aquafield Goyang is equipped with eight different Jjimjil spas, one of which is an igloo-shaped charcoal room that contains high-quality charcoal from Hoengseong, Gangwon-do. The spa is family friendly and includes separate “rest areas” for adults and kids.

Cheonga Sparex

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

With spa facilities, a bathhouse, multiple saunas, an indoor forest walk, children’s activities and an outdoor swimming pool, it would be easy to spend an entire day at this GIGANTIC family-friendly spa. Cheonga Sparex features a traditional Korean sauna, red clay sauna, germanium sauna, Himalaya salt sauna and the Cypress Forest Park; a room made entirely of fragrant cypress wood.

Spa Land Centum City

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

Spa Land is a huge spa facility that boasts 18 hot springs and 13 themed spas that utilize hot spring water extracted from one thousand metres underground. The 13 spas range from traditional Korean steam themes to “international sauna concepts”. The “Hwangto Room” is made of yellow clay, which has an enzyme component to help detoxify and cleanse the body. It’s also said to help relieve fatigue and stabilize the mind.

Herb Island Healing Centre

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

At the Herb Healing Center on the 140,000 sq ft Herb Island, visitors can experience the various effects of herbs first hand. The centre uses indigenous herbs in their four detox programs “Gonggi (air),” “Baram (wind),” “Namu (tree)” and “Mul (water).” First, a consultation with a therapist over a cup of herbal tea will determine the herbs that match your physical constitution. The programs also includes color therapy and herb baths. In the bath, a wooden tub is filled with fresh herbs and grass. As soon as you lie down your whole body starts absorbing the scent and energy of the herbs, helping release toxins and boost your immune system.

Pyeon baeknara Hyo So Gung

Photo: Korea Tourism Board

In Pyeongtaek Nara Hyo So Gung’s Enzyme Bath Room, you’ll find several cypress tubs filled with cypress sawdust, rice bran, winter daphne, charcoal, and enzyme powder, which houses about 30 trillion microorganisms. Covered in the cultivated powder for 15 minutes, enzymes will enter 40mm deep into the skin helping improve your  immunity, skin appearance joint pain, and blood circulation.

Photo by Sunyu Kim on Unsplash

Now, couldn’t you use a day at the spa?

South Korea is redefining wellness and prioritizing healthy living for the mind and body. The Korea Tourism Organization offers Canadian travelers tours, packages and deals that will help bring your dreams of a once-in-a-lifetime spa getaway to life.

From travel to transportation, accommodations, food, shopping and of course, spas, KTO has everything you need to make your journey to Korea as effortless as possible. If you want to experience the luxury of Korea’s best spas, now’s the time to book a trip.

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