You can fly round-trip Vancouver to Manila, Philippines for only $490 CAD right now


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Green tree on a white sand beach in Philippines / Shutterstock

If you’re dreaming of endless, glistening white-sand beaches and vast, lush jungles, the Philippines offers a paradisiacal destination like no other.

With that being said, this bucket-list locale isn’t always an affordable flight from Vancouver. For example, if you’re looking to book a flight to Manila in October, prices for return flights start around $900 CAD and up – and that’s with a layover. For direct trips, prices start at over $1000 CAD return.

Luckily, China Southern Airlines offers a number of outstanding deals to Manila this November. For instance, the flight below departs Vancouver on Wednesday, Nov. 13 and returns on Friday, Nov. 22. The outbound and inbound flights have a layover in Guangzhou, but each stop is just over three hours long.

The total cost of the return airfare comes to $490.47 CAD including all taxes and fees.

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Photo: Skyscanner / Exploretrip

Experience the Philippines

Boasting some of the most awe-inspiring beaches in the world, the Philippines offers a truly spell-binding travel experience. The islands offer a number of aquatic activities to enjoy the whole year round, as well as multiple excursions on land. For example, the island of Boracay offers a breathtaking four-mile-long stretch of glistening white sand beach that is surrounded by shops, eateries, and parties. Known for its beautiful vistas and vibrant nightlife, the island is popular with travellers from across the globe.

Made up of a jaw-dropping 7000 islands, the country is also famous for a multitude of incredible diving experiences. However, one particular marine inhabitant has travellers flocking to the Philippines in droves: whale sharks. These massive, majestic beauties are truly gentle giants and offer a sublime diving experience. While they are a species of shark, and may be as long as a school bus, the mammoth ocean dwellers feast on plankton. As such, they don’t pose any threat to humans.

You can book your ticket through Skyscanner here.