Fright Nights announces new season of screams inside Vancouver’s favourite haunted house experience



Vancouver’s favourite Halloween event is back and scarier than ever! Fright Nights is open on select nights at Playland from October 4th until October 31st.

The amusement park you know and love is gone. In its place stand eight haunted houses filled with horror so unspeakable that stepping inside may change you forever…

Sounds fun, right!?

Vancouver’s favourite Halloween event, Fright Nights at Playland (PNE grounds) is open on select nights from October 4th until October 31st, starting each night at 7:00p.m. The venerable Halloween outing boasts 20 thrilling rides and 8 horrifying haunted houses, including their latest addition, The Bloodshed.

Photo: Fright Nights

The Bloodshed features a family of mutant murderers that will feed on both your fear and your insides. Their haunted house is said to be built on the blood and bones of their victims, who they kidnap, mutilate and scare to death. Enter at your own risk!

Needless to say, Fright Nights is not recommended for ages 12 and under, seniors 65+, people with sensitivity to strobe lighting or fog machines, people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnant women or anyone that happens to spook easily.

If you’re not looking to have your insides feasted on, then maybe try the new pumpkin spice mini donuts or, enjoy an evening of hair-raising rollercoasting riding on one of the PNE’s classics rides. You can view all of the rides open during Fright Nights HERE.

Photo: Fright Nights

If you just can’t get enough of being scared, be sure to walk through Fright Nights’ other haunted houses, which feature everything from murderous carnival clowns (no thank you) to mutilated remains of those who chose to strike a deal with the angel of death. You know, just your regular fun night out.

All kidding aside, if you love to laugh, scream and cry (in no particular order), then this event is for you! If you want to avoid lines, try purchasing tickets for a weeknight. Admission is cheaper too!


When: 7:00p.m. on select evenings from October 4 – 31, 2019

Where: Playland Entrance at East Hastings and Windermere St.

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