Homosexuals are not “recruiting” your kids, but the Conservative candidate for Burnaby thinks they are


Burnaby North-Seymour Conservative candidate Heather Leung. Photo supplied.

It’s entirely possible that someone who believes homosexuals “recruit” kids into their “camp” will become the next Member of Parliament for the riding of Burnaby-North Seymour.

The Conservative candidate, Heather Leung, has been dodging media for the past few months due to what some of her colleagues have called “unfair” treatment.

While trying to keep a low profile she made national headlines last month when her office shared a meme that made it look as though comedian Rick Mercer was encouraging people to vote Conservative (he wasn’t).

Jane Seyd from our sister publication the North Shore News caught up with Leung briefly this week, finally dragging a brief interview out of her.

As it turns out the candidate who has spouted homophobic views has been focused on meeting constituents face-to-face.

She told Seyd “I’m keeping my head down to meet my constituents in my riding. Every day I go out door knocking. I meet them face to face with undivided attention. I’m hearing from them one on one.”

Here’s hoping she hasn’t ran into any same-sex couples in Burnaby or on the North Shore. She’s opposed to them having the right to marry, and I hear there might be some wedded gay and lesbian voters living in those areas (HIDE THE KIDS!).

Leung is also an advocate for conversion therapy, hoping to get people away from what she calls a “perverted homosexual lifestyle“.

The Liberals’ Terry Beech is the incumbent MP for the riding. 36.09% of the electorate voted for him back in 2015. In second place was the NDP, followed by the Conservatives.

However in 2011 the Conservatives raked in 44.24% of the vote (albeit that is a redistributed tally, as it’s a new riding), ahead of the Liberals who garnered 35.16%.

If the People’s Party candidate Rocky Dong doesn’t take away a significant amount of votes from Leung, and Svend Robinson (NDP) and Amita Kuttner (Greens) are both able to take a portion of the Liberal vote by bringing in supporters who oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the riding will end up with a homophobic MP.


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