New Canada Line station in Richmond running ahead of schedule

Kirsten Clarke - Richmond News


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The Canada Line is getting a new station, Capstan, possibly sooner than anticipated. Canada Line/Shutterstock

Capstan, a new Canada Line station between Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations in Richmond, could be built well ahead of schedule.

The City of Richmond has raised more than $33 million to fund the new station at Capstan Way, exceeding the original target and speeding up the station’s timeline.

The new station, which will be located at the northeast corner of No. 3 Road and Capstan Way ­is intended to support the growing community in that area.

The location of where the projected Capstan Station will be constructed. Google Maps photo

The city first entered the agreement for a new station with TransLink in 2012, with a target of $29 million (adjusted for inflation), according to Richmond city spokesperson Clay Adams. At the time, it was expected that it would take 15 years to raise the funds.

The city is funding the entire cost of the station, having raised the money with the support of developers who are expected to build more than 6,000 housing units in the area surrounding the new station, said Adams.

According to TransLink’s spokesperson Ben Murphy, the transit authority and the city are currently reviewing the station’s design.

“TransLink continues to work closely with the City of Richmond on this important project. The City of Richmond and TransLink are currently reviewing design concepts. Once the design concept and funding arrangements have been finalized, we will undertake further design work. TransLink will announce further timeframes and estimates in due course.”

In 2018, TransLink awarded the contract for Capstan station’s design to the architectural firm Perkins + Will, which has an office in Vancouver. The firm also designed three of the four Canada Line stations in Richmond: Aberdeen, Lansdowne and Richmond-Brighouse, all located along No. 3 Road.

TransLink is required to complete station construction and ensure its fully functional within 30 months, once the company has received the full funds from the city.