This is possibly the worst Vancouver skateboarding slam you’ll ever see (VIDEO)


This week a video surfaced from 2012 showing local amateur skateboarder, Zach Barton, taking a heavy slam on a handrail next to BC Place.

And by “surfaced” I mean Zach posted it to his Instagram account.

Now finally able to laugh at it after seven years, I asked him a few questions about this clip that’ll make your back and neck sore just by watching it.

Be warned before you click play on the video below: it’s graphic. It looks like he breaks his neck.

The first thing you should know is that he miraculously didn’t really get injured from the fall.

As he tells me he thinks he was likely mildly concussed, and saw stars “for about ten seconds” after the initial slam.

He had a sore back for a while but was otherwise fine. He didn’t skate for a few weeks, and he didn’t see a doctor.

As you can see, a bunch of change goes flying out of his pockets. How much was it? He’s not sure, but he didn’t have much money at the time and “I needed every bit of that change”, so he picked it all up despite being dazed.

You’ll also notice headphones in the clip which came flying out of Barton’s ears. They were attached to an iPod Shuffle, playing a song by SpaceGhostPurrp, and the Shuffle didn’t suffer any damage.

This rail has been skated by others, notably by Cameo Wilson who did a 50-50 on it prior to 2012. However not many people have landed anything on it.

Why did he wait so long to share the video?

“Back then I was like ‘Damn, that sucked’ but now I can laugh at it.”

When I asked him if he tried it again after this attempt, he told me “Definitely not.”

Please don’t try this at home.