OPINION: Here’s who we think Ryan Reynolds might be voting for


It’s the final week before the federal election (PLEASE VOTE ON OCTOBER 21ST!) and it feels like everybody’s getting in on the endorsement action.

First we had Mayor Kennedy Stewart using his office to tell people who not to vote for.

Then we had Barack Obama telling the world who he thinks would make the best Prime Minister.

Today Vancouver’s own Ryan Reynolds stepped in with a somewhat cryptic tweet which seems to say one thing but does not say it definitively.

Our Managing Editor, Lindsay William-Ross, looked at Ryan’s tweet and thought it might be an endorsement for the Greens, as they have the most aggressive climate policy out of all the parties.

When I look at what he’s saying I see an endorsement for the Liberal Party, mostly because of the part where he says “I’m proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years”… by the Liberals.

The message that is clear in Reynolds’ tweet is that he wants you to get out and vote.

I’ve reached out to him on Twitter (not-so-humblebrag: he follows me) to see if he might be able to clarify for us, so if I hear back from him I’ll let you know.

If he unfollows me I’ll also let you know; I’ll need to take some time off from writing this column to grieve.


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