Take a sneak peek inside the ghastly “choose your own adventure” Halloween tour happening in Vancouver



“Tours for the Recently Deceased” will run from October 18 – 31st at The Beaumont Studios in Vancouver. Enter at your own risk!

Photo: Alistair Sinclaire

Earlier this month we wrote about Tours for the Recently Deceased; a Tim Burton inspired “choose your own adventure” walking tour happening in Vancouver.

The Beaumont Studios, who have produced the event in conjunction with The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, have just released photos from their opening event. Needless to say, the Tours for the Recently Deceased is even wilder than we thought!

At its core, the event is a 1 hr walking tour held in The Beaumont Studios 25,000 sq ft space, located just outside the Olympic Village. As guests try to find their way through a maze of eerily lit hallways, creepy warped stairwells, and secret passageways, guests will be spooked by… sorry, we meant “greeted by”, a host of Tim Burton characters, including Edward Scissorhands, the Queen of Hearts, Willy Wonka, Oogie Boogie man and more.

Photo: Alistair Sinclaire
Photo: Alistair Sinclaire

The Beaumont is home to over 100 resident artists, 40 private studios, an event space, art gallery, and a unique artist-run thrift store. Tours for the Recently Deceased is actually a fundraiser to help the creative hub stay afloat in the wake of rising property taxes.

We’ve been reporting on how taxes have led to the shuttering of important creative businesses across Vancouver and The Beaumont Studios’ founder, Jude Kusnierz, has also been all over the news, speaking out on how these taxes were crippling her otherwise very successful art studio.

This production aims to tackle the issue head on.

Photo: Alistair Sinclaire
Photo: Alistair Sinclaire

Guests who find their way through the Halloween maze (don’t worry, no one has been left behind… yet), will be welcomed into  the Grand Hall, where MC Beetlejuice will keep the afterlife afterparty in full swing with music and cocktails. You can receive a free appetizer before or after your tour, with a purchase of a spicy Betelgeuse cocktail at Tacofino Ocho, located just down the street at 5th Avenue and Ontario.

Tours will run every 20 minutes from 7:00p.m. – 10:00p.m. (11:00p.m. on weekends), with kid-friendly tours running concurrently from 7:20p.m. to 8:40p.m.

The walking tour meets haunted house meets surrealist film fanatic experience appears to be unlike anything else happening this season, offering those brave enough to enter a totally fun, creative and only mildly terrifying way to get into the Halloween spirit.

So, are you brave enough to enter?

You can learn more about Tours for the Recently Deceased, or purchase tickets HERE.