Listen to our Stupid Politics columnist all election night on News 1130


Listen to Bob Kronbauer (V.I.A.), John Ackermann (News 1130) and James Cybulski (Sportsnet 650) on election night on News 1130 starting at 7pm

First, my apologies to you for writing a headline in the third person.

I’m V.I.A.’s politics columnist. If the third-person headline enticed you to click into this and read it then you might already know that I pen Vancouver’s Stupidest Politics Column here.

On election night (THIS MONDAY, OCTOBER 21st: VOTE!) we’ll be teaming up with News 1130 for five hours of radio programming about the events that’ll be unfolding after the polls close and the results come in.

James Cybulski from Sportsnet 650 and I will be making up a panel anchored by News 1130’s own John Ackermann.

The idea was to not have the usual suspects (partisan pundits, scholars, etc) and instead have two locals (James and I) who are engaged in and passionate about politics and are also knowledgable when it comes to the federal election, and how it will affect our city.

And how it has affected our city already.

It’s going to be a fun and interesting night that we hope you’ll tune in to.

Aside from our panel, News 1130 has a large team of reporters who will be out with candidates, at polling stations, contributing segments and insights throughout the night. They’ll be in both local ridings and far-flung ones.

Listen on your radio at 1130 AM or online HERE.