TransLink writes hilarious ‘Missed Connection’ for Tim Hortons bag and passenger


We’ve all witnessed some people’s last-ditch attempts to get onto a SkyTrain as the doors are closing. Umbrellas forced forward, Olympian leaps, begging passengers by the door to hold the train, and flailing arms with anguished shouting are some of the techniques most frequently deployed by desperate Vancouverites.

A passenger threw their Tim Hortons bag at the closing SkyTrain doors in the hopes it would hold the train for them. @translink/Instagram

But have you ever seen someone throw their loaded plastic bag of assorted Tim Hortons goodies at the doors, aiming to have those Tim Bits and brown-bagged sandwiches keep the train from leaving the station?

Well, it happened on the night of Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Granville SkyTrain station, and there’s photo evidence to prove it.

The Tim Hortons bag-toss door stop attempt may just take the cake, and TransLink took its cautionary tale to Instagram in the form of a Craigslist Missed Connection parody. And props to them, because it’s pretty funny.

The post begins: “Missed Connection: Granville Station SkyTrain Platform 6:50 p.m. on October 24 – You were running for the departing SkyTrain, and in a desperate bid to get on the train, you threw your @timhortons bag at the closing doors in hopes that – like an elevator, the doors would open and you and your beloved Tim’s would be on your way to your destination. Hopefully, we can connect again soon over a double-double :)”

Now, of course, the story doesn’t have a happy ending for the passenger, because their Tim Hortons haul was a total loss. But TransLink is hoping there’s a silver lining – well, actually, a lesson for all of us:

“A reminder to both Tim’s and non-Tim’s carrying customers: We want you to have a safe and pleasant journey. That means take it slow, don’t run for the train (another is coming soon!), hold on, and follow transit etiquette because safety is fundamental — and it starts with you.”

Fortunately for the passenger, there are plenty of Tim Hortons locations in Vancouver, and another SkyTrain will always come along.

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