This interactive map shows haunted houses across Canada (MAP)


haunted houses vancouver
Photo: Canadian Haunters Association

Halloween takes place on Oct. 31, and the season is in full swing across Canada.

And while there are numerous commercial haunted attractions to check out, it can be even more freaky to see what people have done with their homes. If you’re planning to explore a bunch of haunted houses in B.C., this map can be a great starting point.

The Canadian Haunters Association is a group of Halloween and haunted attraction enthusiasts who create and share tips on home haunting, building props, costuming, makeup, and scare acting. They have created a map that allows you to see where all of the haunts are located, as well as a brief description about each one. The ghoulish homes stretch from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, so there are plenty of places to check out country-wide.

People have to submit their homes in order for them to appear, however, so some eerie abodes may not appear on the map. With that being said, it is only the beginning of scare season, and more homes may be added as the season continues. If you’ve got your own spooktacular haunt to add to the list, you can also register with the organizers.

The Home Haunter Awards Contest is the annual awards event which honours the creativity, passion and hard work of the group’s members. To enter the contest, you simply have to enter a video of your Halloween Haunt.

Last year, the Canadian Haunters Association ranked the Anmore Manor Haunted House in Vancouver the best Canadian walkthrough haunt. Complete with “2000 square feet of terror,” the spooky abode offers a smorgasbord of creepy surprises. Ran by a volunteer fireman and a registered nurse, the haunt is also a charity. The Amore organizers add that this year, “there are so many new additions added for your screaming pleasure.”

Have a look at the Canadian Haunters Association map here.