These $600/month tiny home RVs could replace laneway homes in Vancouver

With files from Naoibh O’Connor


Delta business Mint Tiny House Company has an answer for people looking for a unique housing option.

Modern, 22-34 foot tiny home RVs.

Founded by Shannon and Brian Persse in 2014, they now have four different models. They’ve built more than 100 of these beautiful compact homes for people.

A towable tiny home RV. Photo Mint Tiny House

Mostly self contained, water is hooked up to them through a water hose and they’ve got grey water hookups in order to connect to septic systems and pipe out the waste water (and poops!).

Mint Tiny House’s Aero edition. Photo Mint Tiny House

They weigh between 9,000 and 16,000 pounds and can be towed with a one-ton truck, but you’re probably not going to want to drag em around much.

Since they’re certified as Recreational Vehicles (technically classified as Canadian Standard Z240 RV) that means you can park them anywhere an RV is allowed to be parked.

Like, say, a friend or relative’s driveway. Unfortunately that’s not permitted in the City of Vancouver… yet.

Mint Tiny House’s Loft edition. Photo Mint Tiny House

Their 22 foot units begin at $79,550, so if you were to finance one at 3.99% it would end up being less than $600 per month.

Add parking fees and other expenses on top of that and you’d still be sitting well below the cost of what the City deems “affordable” one-bedroom apartments in the city.

Homes like these could replace laneway houses as they’re not only less costly, but fully mobile and can be “installed” in an afternoon.

Mint Tiny House’s Canada Goose edition. Photo Mint Tiny House
Mint Tiny Houses’s Napa edition. Photo Mint Tiny House