Metro Vancouver to see ‘biggest single day drop’ in gas prices in over 10 years


vancouver gas prices
Photo: woman fuel / Shutterstock

Metro Vancouver gas prices are expected to fall tomorrow before the long-weekend so gas price analysts have suggested waiting a day to fill up.

According to Dan McTeague, Petroleum Analyst, formerly of, gas prices are expected to drop a whopping ten cents in a single day on Thursday, Nov. 7. What’s more, he tweeted that this would represent the biggest single day drop in over a decade for southwest British Columbia.

Back in May, Vancouver gas prices smashed one record-high after another. However, Lower Mainland fuel costs continued to fall in June, with pumps falling 40 cents from the May record-high.

Not only do British Columbians than other provinces pay more at the pumps, but they also pay a considerable amount more for regular fuel. For example, uses an interactive heat map to display the differences in retail fuel prices across Canada. By simply clicking on each province, the map shows the average fuel costs for each one.