Show your love for (soon to be illegal) fireworks in Vancouver with this t-shirt


Starting in 2021 the sale of consumer fireworks in Vancouver will be illegal. Photo Bob Kronbauer

On November 5th of 2019, Vancouver’s City Council voted to do away with a Vancouver tradition; consumer fireworks.

Starting in 2021 you’ll no longer be able to walk in to a store with your permit and buy fireworks to blow off in your yard.

Halloween of 2020 will be the last year this form of fun will be legal in Vancouver.

To mark the final year we’re releasing this homage t-shirt dedicated to pop-up fireworks stores. They – and the sound of people enjoying fireworks – have come to define our city for one week of October as far back as most residents can remember.

FIREWORKS t-shirt, only available from V.I.A.

You can pre-order one for $25 RIGHT HERE. They ship next Friday.

Our shirts are proudly printed in and shipped from Vancouver, one block from the East Van cross. If you’d like to save on shipping costs choose the free pick-up option when ordering.