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Stray Burnaby cat with 'long list' of serious injuries rescued by Good Samaritan

Finding Nemo: The tabby required 48 hours of emergency care when taken to the Burnaby community animal centre, the SPCA said.

A stray cat needed two days of emergency care to be treated for several serious injuries after by a Good Samaritan recently brought it to the Burnaby community animal centre.

In a release, the BC SPCA explained Nemo, found at the corner of Cariboo Road and Gaglardi Way, has a collapsed lung, nerve damage in his right leg that required amputation and a fractured tooth that was removed.

Burnaby SPCA spokesperson Nicole McBain said the organization received a call on its night line about the one-year-old orange tabby, who was then taken to a 24-hour emergency vet.

"He required 48 hours of emergency care for his long list of injuries," McBain said.

"Unfortunately, the veterinarian determined that the nerve damage to Nemo’s leg was so severe that they were not able to save it. He is unable to use the leg and has no pain response at all. This kind of nerve damage is quite common in cats who have experienced serious trauma."

More than $10,000 has since been donated by the public to help pay for Nemo's medical expenses via an emergency funding page created by the BC SPCA.

He was given pain medication, antibiotics, fluids and a series of x-rays while veterinarians tended to him.

McBain said he's currently recovering from his amputation and neuter surgery at a BC SPCA foster home. He'll be up for adoption once cleared by the vet.

"Because he was a stray and has had to find his own food, we thought he would just scarf down anything we put in front of him, but he won’t eat unless someone sits with him," McBain explained, noting Nemo's "super sweet and affectionate" demeanour has helped him adjust.

"He just loves to receive pets and cuddles and adores kisses on his head."

For more information or to contribute to Nemo's emergency care, you can visit the provincial organization's website.