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BC SPCA caring for 21 surrendered puppies

All the puppies will all need a lot of care and supplies over the coming weeks.
The 21 week-old puppies were brought to the shelter for care.

The BC SPCA is asking for support to provide urgently needed care for 21 puppies who were recently taken into care at the South Peace BC SPCA location.

“The pups came into our care after two females, believed to be strays, gave birth to them on a property,” says BC SPCA manager Candace Buchamer.

“Sadly, one of the female mothers died, possibly from antifreeze poisoning, but the surviving mom and all 21 week-old puppies were brought to the shelter for care.”

The South Peace BC SPCA did an emergency intake of Shadow, the remaining mom, and the 21 pups.

“Shadow was suffering from mastitis but responded quickly to the antibiotics she was prescribed and is doing well,” says Buchamer.

“She is nursing her four smallest pups who are only a third of the size of their brothers and sisters. That meant foster homes for the remaining 17 pups have to be found as soon as possible.”

The SPCA says thanks to outstanding community support, most of the pups were placed in foster care within 48 hours of them arriving at the shelter.

"These adorable puppies have had a rough start, especially the ones who lost their mom,” says Buchamer.

“They will all need a lot of care and supplies over the coming weeks. They will also need veterinary treatments including deworming and spaying and neutering. Several of the pups are suffering from a bacterial clostridia overgrowth and are on medication.”

Clostridia is often associated with stress-related changes but can be easily managed if treated. Shadow will be available for adoption once her pups are weaned and she is spayed.

Buchamer says that all of the fosters are reporting that the puppies, despite their tummy troubles, are growing fast and are quite sassy. “They are eager to interact with people and get snuggles; all of the puppies have a strong mischievous streak.”

The puppies will be in the BC SPCA’s care for approximately three to four weeks before they are ready for adoption.

“The care we are able to give all of these puppies so that they can live a long and happy life is one of the reasons why our donors’ generosity matters so much,” says Tess Repenning, senior manager of digital giving for the BC SPCA. “We really hope people will consider making a donation to help animals in need across this province.”