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B.C. woman receives hand-written apology after her garden was raided

If April showers beget May flowers, what kind of weather do you have to get for apologetic letters?
An apology appeared after her garden was raided.

She didn't expect it to bloom into this.

Sandra Dreger lives in Kelowna's north end and loves spending time in her garden. This year, she planted 400 bulbs and was very happy when they started blooming.

The problem started when three enterprising young girls went beyond admiring her garden but began picking them and selling them door to door.

"I like it when people stop and admire my garden and I don't even mind when they pick a few, that makes me happy — but when they walk away with armfuls."

Dreger says she then watched as the girls, likely between the ages of eight and 10, went door to door selling the flowers.

"That's definitely industrious."

Dreger adds she didn't want to confront the girls in the street so she took to social media and posted a gentle note about the situation.

"Their parents must have seen the post because I got a hand-written apology letter."

The letter reads, "Dear Neighbours, we are sorry for taking your flower. We didn't realize that it was your garden. Sorry again."

Dreger says the girls came back and hand-delivered the letter.

"I think they thought I was going to get mad at them but it worked out really well.

"It was nice," says Dreger.