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Billionaire U.S. businessman's super yacht spotted in waters off Vancouver Island

Belonging to a U.S. sports team owner, the vessel made its way from Alaska to Seattle
Jerry Jones' Bravo Eugenia travelled from Alaska to Washington this summer. Screenshot

The yacht of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been spotted in the waters off Vancouver Island.

Tab McNabb, the owner-operator of Ketchikan Outdoors, posted photos and videos three weeks ago of the super-yacht plying the seas in the waters off the Alaskan city.

"This is one of the most impressive yachts I’ve seen come to Ketchikan," he said.

The "Bravo Eugenia" is worth an estimated quarter-billions dollars.

Since appearing in Alaska in early July, the U.S. billionaire's boat has made its way down the B.C. coast to dock in Seattle.

The super-yacht is designed to use 30 per cent less fuel than other vessels of its size and class but it doesn't skimp on amenities. The "Bravo Eugenia" can accommodate 14 guests and 30 crew members and features six guest suites, a beach lounge, spa and gym.

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