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'Masturbatory noises': Here are the top 10 most outrageous B.C. tenancy tales from 2021

From an apartment with over 100 snakes to a man who was evicted for masturbating too loudly, these are the wildest tenancy disputes V.I.A. shared this year.
From an apartment with over 100 snakes to a man who was evicted for masturbating too loudly, these are the wildest tenancy disputes V.I.A. shared in 2021.

If you've ever thought you had problematic neighbours, you might have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you finish reading the most outrageous tenancy tales Vancouver Is Awesome wrote about this year. 

While some of them involve common issues, such as pest infestations, the degree of the infestations may make your stomach turn. Others are downright absurd, such as the tenant who masturbated so loudly that he got evicted for it, or the man who installed a buzzer to minimize noise from raucous sex parties. 

Here are our top 10 most outrageous B.C. tenant/landlord disputes from 2021.

10. B.C. tenant says rental unit was infested with 'fleas and silverfish'

In this dispute, the tenant said that their unit was infested with fleas and silverfish. They even submitted evidence of silverfish they'd caught as well as a doctor's note that "attested to the fact that the tenant had suffered bug bites."

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9. Here are 5 of the 'rattiest' disputes between B.C. landlords and tenants

People have pet rats and they love them. 

But no one likes PEST rats. 

Read five of the most disturbing rat tales from B.C. renters HERE.

8. B.C. renter says raccoons urinated through her bedroom ceiling

While they look adorable from a distance, raccoons have a penchant for wreaking havoc on homes in British Columbia.

A B.C. tenant claimed that she was terrorized by a family of raccoons and that the animals were peeing on the roof onto her bedroom ceiling.

Read the rest of this raccoon tale HERE.

7. B.C. tenant says she 'felt something crawling on the back of her head'

If you've ever spotted a mouse or rat in your dwelling, you might have run in the opposite direction. 

But not all pests cause such a commotion — at least not at first glance.  

The tenant in this dispute says she "discovered the infestation when she felt something crawling on the back of her head." She went to the doctor who allegedly informed her that she had "bird mites."

Read the rest of this disturbing tale and a few others HERE.

6. 'It drew blood!': Vancouver tenant says rat bit his finger while he was sleeping

Imagine waking up because a rat bit your hand while you were sleeping?

The tenant told V.I.A.: "I went to the hospital; I was all freaked out. It drew blood!" 

He adds that he screamed when it bit him but it ran away right after and he only saw its silhouette. 

Find out the rest of this devastating story HERE.

5. B.C. tenant said he installed buzzer to minimize noise from loud 'sex parties'

Many people might find the idea of neighbours having loud sex parties with numerous people bothersome, but one B.C. tenant thought his guests ringing the buzzer was probably more annoying than the other...ahem...noises.

And so he installed a buzzer and thought all would be well. 

Find out what the landlord had to say about the situation HERE

4. B.C. tenant frequently wandered hallways naked, refused to stop

Do you feel the need to put a robe or at least a towel on when you meet someone at your front door or wander down your shared hallway?

If you do, know that not everyone will. According to one baffling B.C. dispute, the tenant felt that he shouldn't have to bother throwing on a robe just to take out the trash. 

Find out what else transpired in this shocking showdown HERE.

3. B.C. tenant says cockroach crawled into her ear and she required medical attention

We absolutely have heard it all, folks. In this terrifying tale, the tenant said she had to seek medical attention after one of nature's most repulsive creations made a breakaway for her ear canal. 

Why would it do that? 

They like warm and wet places (they really can't be more awful). Not only are they gross, but they also contain harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses in humans — yuck!

In another dispute, a B.C. tenant filled a whopping 19 traps full of the creepy critters but the landlord said they "gave them out for free."

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2. 'The house reeked of urine': B.C. landlord says tenant kept over 100 snakes in the rental unit

How many snakes are too many snakes? Anything over 10, probably.

But in this absolutely stunning dispute, the landlord claimed the tenant was coexisting with over 100 of the slithering reptiles. There were also rodents and other small animals on the premises. The landlord also observed the "strong odour of animals" — specifically rat urine and the smell of dogs. 

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1. B.C. tenant evicted after disturbing neighbours by 'loudly masturbating'

There simply couldn't be another #1 outrageous story—and that's not for lack of tales to choose from. In this decidedly disturbing dispute, several people complained of "very loud sex noises" by a male tenant.  The landlord stated that a person living next door to the tenant complained of very loud music as well as "sounds of the tenant masturbating — including moaning and the sound of the tenant's release." 

One renter actually made a log of the "masturbatory noises" over several months but eventually became frustrated and left the building. 

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