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Okanagan man gets more jail time for cutting open Good Samaritan's face

Randolph Dionne, 65, pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon, theft and breach of release order in BC Provincial Court in Penticton Thursday.
The Penticton courthouse.

A Penticton man who slashed a deep cut across a Good Samaritan's face has been sentenced to spend seven further months in jail.

Randolph Dionne, 65, pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon, theft and breach of release order in BC Provincial Court in Penticton Thursday.

Judge Gregory Koturbash emphasized in his sentencing that he owed it to the public to implement every measure to ensure their safety.

Court heard that on Sept. 4, 2022, police received a report just before 8:30 a.m. that a male had threatened someone with a box cutter, had allegedly cut another individual and then fled the scene on a bicycle in downtown Penticton.

When police arrived in Nanaimo Square, one man was found with a large cut on his left cheek running from his ear to his nose, with witnesses saying he had been slashed by Dionne with a box cutter.

The injured male tried to intervene and diffuse a fight that was getting heated between Dionne and another individual. He ended up being cut by Dionne in response. A piece of the box cutter blade was found in the area.

The individual was left with a permanent, very visible scar on his face from the attack.

Police began patrolling for the suspect and used a photo a civilian had taken to identify him by his clothes and features.

Dionne was located later that day after police received a complaint that a man had threatened an individual with a box cutter and stole his bike matching Dionne’s description.

When police arrived in the area, the officer was approached by a civilian who had been following Dionne the bike was stolen.

Dionne was found to be restrained by civilians, and was then arrested by officers. The box cutter matching the description used to cut the other individual from that morning was found on his person.

Then, on Feb 8, 2023, the owner of Eskala Mountain Sports in downtown Penticton reported a male had stolen a pair of sunglasses from their store.

The sunglasses were stolen off a mannequin at the front of the store. Security video was presented to police and the officer recognized Dionne.

Dionne was found that afternoon wearing the sunglasses and arrested. He uttered a number of unpleasantries to the police while being read his rights.

On March 30, 2023, just after 8:30 a.m., police were called to Tim Hortons in the Skaha Lake area for an individual causing a disturbance and threatening violence against the employees.

Dionne had reportedly threatened to punch one of the employees upon being asked to leave.

Police found Dionne in the parking lot and he was in possession of a box cutter knife, which was in direct contravention of previous orders that he not have any weapons.

Dionne has remained in custody since April 24, 2023, after being arrested for not showing up for a trial date.

An assessment was done by the order of the court and the doctor determined that Dionne suffers from schizophrenia and does not consistently take his medication. He also had consistently used cocaine and meth but said he has been clean for the past seven months while incarcerated.

Crown asked for 18 months in prison, followed by two years probation. This sentence totals 540 days, leaving him with 219 days left to serve in jail. Defence asked for a range of 12 to 15 months of jail.

Dionne said he has been homeless since July 2022, and said he was living in his car previously. While he has been in shelters before, he said he stays away from them because of how rampant the drug use is there.

Koturbash agreed with the Crown, ordering a further roughly seven months in jail, two years of probation, a weapons prohibition order, and a Rogers order, meaning Dionne will have to comply with help from doctors and psychiatrists to take prescriptions as directed, as well as treatment for substance abuse and/or mental illness.