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Paws It Forward rescues 61 dogs and eight cats from Manitoba

61 dogs and eight cats from Manitoba rescued in the new year

An animal rescue organization in Kelowna says they have been extremely busy after receiving a large delivery of stray dogs and cats from Manitoba.

Paws It Forward says 61 dogs and eight cats were transported from Manitoba at the beginning of January.

"The rescue that we work with, K9 Advocate, they bring in the dogs that are roaming as strays. In Manitoba, they do dog culls. When there is an abundance of stray dogs they will put out a cull to eliminate those dogs."

"They will just shoot them. That happens in Manitoba quite regularly," said president Jilly-ann Gibson.

K9 Advocate will go in and try to rescue as many dogs and cats as they can before the date of the cull.

The rescued animals are then transported to various shelters.

Gibson says the dogs and cats are all stable.

"A lot of them have made their way to the vet. They have had injuries. We had one dog that needed to have its leg amputated. We have another dog going in for surgery. They are all getting treated right now in their foster home."

The registered charity says they are in need of dog beds and puppy pads.

"We have at least 20 puppies right now."

The dogs and cats will be available for adoption when they have been given a clean bill of health.

For more information on Paws It Forward or to donate, click here.