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This 71-year-old B.C. woman is a finalist in a national transformation contest

Before and after the transformation that made Jean Steeves a finalist of the National Transformation Challenge Competition. (via Jean Steeves)

An inspirational fitness story, as a 71-year-old Kelowna woman deadlifts 240 pounds on her way to becoming a finalist in the National Transformation Challenge Competition.

Jean Steeves started her fitness transformation journey in 2012 when she was 40 pounds overweight, on four different medications, was depressed and in pain. Since then, she has been working with personal trainer Giles Weeden to get healthy and fit.

Last year, she competed in the “Lift4Kids” fundraiser — her first powerlifting competition — for the GoodLife Kids Foundation, a charity whose goal is to help kids with special needs get more active.

That’s where she completed a 240-pound deadlift — almost double her own weight.

When asked how she felt, Steeves said, “Being strong makes me happy.”

Weeden entered Steeves for the nationwide GoodLife Fitness Transformation Challenge. And, the judging panel liked her story so much they decided to shortlist her for the final round of voting.

If Steeves’ story inspires you, vote for her here. Voting takes place until 2 p.m. Dec. 10.

— Sarita Patel, Castanet