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Stunning B.C. time-lapse shows comet Neowise 'hanging' off Big Dipper (VIDEO)

The amateur photographer shot the footage from Saturday night into Sunday morning

By Rob Gibson

An East Kelowna resident recently captured beautiful images of the comet NEOWISE and the stars over Okanagan Lake.

Calvin Wan says he has seen many of the amazing photos that have appeared on Castanet and elsewhere, "but I haven't seen a time-lapse video so I thought that would be something different."

Wan says he started the time-lapse just after midnight Saturday and let it run for several hours into Sunday morning.

Clouds come into the frame and obscure the comet near the end of the video but then the Big Dipper is revealed.

NEOWISE is visible to the naked eye but it depends on how good your eyes are. "It's not exactly visible to the naked eye. My kids can see it, but I need the camera to see it," Wan says.

Wan says he's been an amateur photographer for about 20 years and mostly likes to take photos when he's working on his car so he knows how to put it back together.

But he says filming something like NEOWISE is different, "this sounds like it's once in a lifetime. I'm gonna try a few more times just to see what I get."

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