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Vancouverite takes spellbinding snap of northern lights from plane (PHOTO)

A Vancouver man has captured an awe-inspiring perspective of the northern lights outside of a plane. The image shows a green glow in the sky.

A Vancouver man has captured an awe-inspiring perspective of the northern lights dancing outside of a plane.

The image shows a vibrant green glow in the sky above the sparkle of city lights below. The plane's red wing is also featured with written on the edge. 

Adam Hammer tells Vancouver Is Awesome that he's lived in the Vancouver area all of his life. He says he captured the spellbinding snap while he was flying from Toronto back home on Nov. 3.

But he didn't capture the breathtaking photograph on a cellphone. Instead, he said he did it "using a Sony A7-II, on a tripod out the plane window" and blocking "the window reflections with my jacket."

Hammer's plane left Toronto at 10:30 p.m. EST and landed at about 1 a.m. PST in Vancouver.

"The photo was taken over the prairies, however," he notes. "But the aurora was visible just before the descent into Vancouver."

Did anyone else on the plane catch the rare sight?

"I don't think anyone on the flight even knew [to be honest]. Everyone was sleeping," he laughs.

"Just me, my partner and the flight attendants were enjoying it...and they said they never see it on these flights."

Metro Vancouverites hoping to observe dancing lights in the heavens over the winter may want to keep their eyes on a handy online tool. Find out more information about when and where you can see them

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