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We're giving away $72,000 in advertising to Vancouver businesses

We're looking to give back and help local businesses
Bob Kronbauer and Vancouver Is Awesome are giving away a bunch of advertising to local businesses - online and in print

Selling Vancouver Is Awesome to Glacier Media in 2017 was easily the best business decision I've ever made. Being able to leverage the resources that the publicly traded company has in order to further build this publication I founded in 2008 has enabled it to become one of the most trusted sources of news in Vancouver, and a profitable one at that.

When we came to Glacier we had two people on staff. Almost five years later we now have more than 20 full-time employees, and we're currently recruiting more reporters and sales reps.

Along with news and lifestyle features we proudly publish stories about local businesses, and today I'm committing to offering up more than $70,000 in free advertising over the next year in order to help local entrepreneurs who may be in a similar position that I once was.

Over my 20+ year career as a publisher I've built up and sold multiple businesses. I know what it's like to bootstrap a company, and I love seeing other local entrepreneurs succeed.

So, starting March 1st we're going to be giving away $6,000 per month in free advertising to businesses who could use a leg up.

No strings attached.

The nomination process

It starts with a nomination. Business owners (you?) can nominate themselves, or someone else can nominate them HERE.

We want to know what year the company you're nominating was launched, who owns and runs it, what the company does, and why they should be given free advertising.

Companies will get extra consideration for innovation/uniqueness, community-minded business practices, and generally being awesome. It doesn't have to be a new business.

Non-profits and charities are not eligible; we already offer discounts for them, as we always have.

$5,000 and $1,000 free ad packages

At the beginning of each month we'll select two companies to help out. One will receive a $5,000 all-in package and the other a smaller $1,000 social media package.

The $5,000 package will include a Sponsored Article on our website, banner ads, and posts to our social media channels including our Facebook Page and Instagram account which have sizeable followings of 219,000 and 99,000 people.

The package will also include an advertisement in our community newspaper which gets printed in an edition of 112,000 copies each week, delivered to homes and street boxes throughout the city.

Nominate your business or someone else's HERE.